Over the last several years, I've had the privilege of speaking to audiences at conferences, retreats, workshops and seminars. I've spoken to businesses, colleges and professional organizations on different leadership and emotional intelligence topics.

My goal is to ensure that your event is a success when I work with you and your team. Whether I'm providing a keynote or facilitating a seminar, we work hard to ensure that the audience leaves with life-changing experiences and lasting impressions.

I speak regularly on topics such as leadership, motivation, public speaking and emotional intelligence.

Here are some of my most-requested topics:

  • Your Emotions Can Work for You - Learn how to make your emotions work for you and not against you.
  • Traits of Success - Discover and develop the key traits that differentiate many successful people in all areas of human endeavor.
  • Can You Be Trusted? - Learn how to quickly build and maintain trust with others and within your teams.
  • Be a Difference Maker - Become other-centered and add value to them. Build effective and successful teams.

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Testimonials ...

Sunny’s style is motivating, yet challenging.
... It flows so naturally from the core of who he is.
— Dr. Melba A. Hooker, Ed.D
Sunny Faronbi is a dynamic inspirational speaker and leader.
— Tia Houston, MPA
Sunny was fantastic. He earned the respect of the room right away. He’s very good at what he does.
— Heather B.