Workshops and Seminars


I conduct half-day, full-day and two-day onsite workshops/seminars on emotional intelligence for teams and leaders.

These workshops and seminars help teams identify areas of synergy based on the members of the team and help leaders develop ways to motivate and influence teams to success.

Each of these includes the EQ-i 2.0 emotional intelligence assessment and a detailed, personalized report for each participant. 

The following workshop and seminar options are available:

Click for more information on SeminarsWorld® locations.

Click for more information on SeminarsWorld® locations.

  • For teams and groups (individual and group reports),

    • A full 2-day workshop/seminar

    • 1-day workshop/seminar

  • For C-Suite leaders (leadership report),

    • 1-day executive workshop

    • Half-day executive workshop

For more information about scheduling one of these workshops, send me a note.

Testimonials ...

Sunny is one of the best trainers I have had in my 14-year career as a Social Worker. He is extremely intelligent and has a great heart and soul. Sunny has a lot of experience on the subject of emotional intelligence, and is very personable and delivers with a warm tone.
— Michelle Porto, Social Worker, Outagamie County, Wisconsin.
This is probably the first seminar I have attended geared towards professional and personal development that I felt engaged and not bored the entire time the seminar was in session.
I came back feeling rejuvenated and ready to start implementing all that I had learned! I have immediately seen a return with several people I work with on a regular basis in regards to our working relationships.
— Julie A. David, Export Trade Compliance Manager, Digi-Key Electronics
Sunny was great and kept me interested the whole time. This is the best seminar I have attended. He’s the best! Thank you!
— Ricky Snipes, Production Manager, Brand Hydraulics
This is the first time a seminar has absolutely exceeded my expectations. Sunny presented many ideas in a useful and engaging manner. He is the most engaging and effective speaker I’ve encountered. That is sincerely meant with much awe (I am not one for false praise). Wow! Well done!
— Dawn Reiser, Food Operations Manager, Wings America Ltd.
Sunny’s cultural and educational background made him unique to talk about emotional intelligence to a group of professional engineers at John Deere.
It was an impactful seminar. Participants gained insights about who they are and how they can improve their career well-being and personal life.
— Dr. Danan Dou, Manager - Advanced Power Systems Engineering, John Deere
Sunny delivered a very engaging seminar. I especially liked how he used his life experiences for examples. That gave the seminar a lot of dimension. I came back to work feeling great and motivated. I think sometimes we get stuck because we’re doing our best, but we don’t know that sometimes it’s not about trying harder but working differently. The seminar helped me remember this. Thank you, Sunny!
— Brandon Foley, Drake University