I conduct half-day, full-day and two-day onsite workshops on emotional intelligence for teams and leaders.

These workshops help teams identify areas of synergy based on the members of the team and help leaders develop ways to motivate and influence teams to success.

Each of the seminars includes the EQ-i 2.0 emotional intelligence assessment and detailed report for every participant. 

The following workshop options are available:

  • For teams and groups (individual and group reports),
    • A full 2-day workshop
    • 1-day workshop
  • For C-Suite leaders (leadership report),
    • 1-day executive workshop
    • Half-day executive workshop

For more information about scheduling one of these workshops, send me a note.

Testimonial ...

Sunny’s cultural and educational background made him unique to talk about emotional intelligence to a group of professional engineers at John Deere.
It was an impactful seminar. Participants gained insights about who they are and how they can improve their career well-being and personal life.
— Dr. Danan Dou, John Deere