Thank you for completing this survey. It should only take a few minutes, but please provide as much details as you can, while responding to the questions.

Remember to respond with only personal experiences. Please include your name in the spaces provided so I can give you proper credit if your responses are used.

Describe an experience you had in which a good deed done for someone was repaid with a bad one. It may involve you or someone you know. Please do not use examples that involve parents and their children.
What personal experience do you have with someone with an attitude of entitlement? What happened? What was the result of that attitude?
Recount an experience you had with someone who seems to always want what somebody else has. How has this affected your impression about them?
Can I use the names of the people you have used in the story as-is? If the story does not portray them in good light, the names will be changed or omitted.
Please provide your name so that you would receive credit if this is used.